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Areas of Expertise
Education and Civil Rights
McKinley & Ryan, LLC is known throughout Pennsylvania for its representation of families in special education matters. We assist parents in advocating for their school-aged children to obtain services to which they are entitled in public school. We welcome calls from parents concerned about their children’s special needs in education and related civil rights matters. We can assist with case evaluation, as well as IEP consultation, negotiating, and planning. We also handle special education due process hearings and appeals, and we provide litigation services in federal court actions involving special education and disability discrimination in the public schools.
Our practice also includes:
  • Discipline and behavior issues, suspension and expulsion for students in regular education and special education
  • Section 504 accommodations and discrimination
  • Post-school transition, testing accommodations, and school accommodations at the college level
  • Gifted education
  • Charter schools and private school issues
  • We are also available to represent private schools concerning education issues
McKinley & Ryan has a diverse employment practice. Lorrie has gained national recognition for her representation of plaintiffs in employment matters, especially cases brought under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Nancy typically represents non-profit agencies in employment matters.
Non-Profit Human Resources Consultation
McKinley & Ryan, LLC provides consultation to several non-profit organizations to assist them in their management of a variety of human resources matters. We provide risk management services to ensure compliance with state and federal legal requirements with a strong emphasis on conflict avoidance and resolution in the employment relationship. Typical services provided include:
  • Workplace policy development and employee handbooks
  • Compliance consultation in the areas of state and federal discrimination and workplace laws
  • Management and employee EEO training
  • Accommodation of physical and/or mental disabilities in the workplace and management of the interactive process
  • Employee discipline
  • Legal assistance involving discrimination, sexual harassment claims, wage payment issues, and unemployment compensation
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